Sisters and brothers,

Holy Week and Easter were exhausting, but they were also fabulous!  I heard many compliments on the liturgies we celebrated together.  Now that Easter Sunday has passed, one would think that things would be easing up, but NOT HERE!  It seems like we’re on a roll with lots of stuff coming our way!( See the articles below!)

Note the various guests we have lined up: Bishop Floyd, Bishop Rafe and Rev. Leslie – What a treat!  What a wonderful opportunity to invite friends and family to join you in worship.  Take advantage of all of these special opportunities to not only hear and welcome our ecumenical friends but to help us celebrate on May 7th as we officially bring in new members.

I am happy to report that the Vestry has approved the purchase of a new set of double doors for the main entrance.  We have submitted a request for approval to the Historic folks and once we hear back (assuming it is approved) we’ll get the doors ordered.  Hopefully in a few week’s we’ll have a handsome entrance to welcome visitors and guests.

Lastly, as noted below, Br. Ray and I will be zipping up to Reading, PA to pick up the new (antique) lights that were purchased.  While in Reading, we’ll be worshiping with our former parishioners before zipping back home with lights in tow.  Once here, they’ll be cleaned, rewired and prepared for installation.  I for one can’t wait to see them!


Fr. Dewayne

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