Sisters and brothers:

This Sunday will be a bit “unusual” for us.  First, it is the actual day of the Feast of the Transfiguration.  Now, we usually hear the Transfiguration account on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday – just as we did this year.  While that Sunday has basically become “Transfiguration Sunday,” it is not the actual Feast Day itself.  This year however we get a two-for simply because of the way the calendar falls.  So come join us this Sunday expecting to celebrate the unique story of Jesus being Transfigured on the mountain top.

This Sunday we will also dedicate the new church doors.  The glass is being installed as I write this blog (the timing of this is one reason why the ATP is going out late this week).  While the trim and varnish will not all be 100%, they are close enough to being completed AND the doors are already in use.  They are handsome and are a real asset to our facility.  They are doors we can be proud of and mark exactly where the main entrance is.

These two events: The Feast of the Transfiguration and the dedication of the new Church Doors are two very, very good reasons why we hope everyone will join us.

(And don’t forget that on August 13th we’ll have our annual Tie-Dyed Sunday!)


Fr. Dewayne

To read more: ATP 8.3.2017

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