Sisters and brothers:

It goes without saying that we remain concerned about everyone who has been affected by the catastrophic storm, Hurricane Harvey. I encourage you consider making a donation to the Episcopal relief fund. (See the information and link below.)

Perhaps by now you have seen talk of the Nashville Statement, which is a document produced by conservative Christians denouncing same-gender relationships and argues for maintaining a male/female, binary, understanding of gender.  I have been working with my progressive clergy colleagues here in Tulsa and with our denomination’s Presiding Bishop to issue a response to the Nashville Statement. We are working to get something issued quickly.  In the meantime, there is a very good rebuttal by Christians United that you might consider signing on to as an individual.  I have also posted a slimmed down version of a statement on our parish website.  (You are welcome to share that with others if you wish.)

As your pastor, I want to make sure that all of you know that God loves you regardless of what others may believe or assert. I regret that statements like the one from these conservatives will no doubt bring pain to many GLBTQ individuals.  It is a shame that even now, there are those who wish to yank Christianity back into a darker period.  Perhaps in light of the recent racist march in Charlottesville, we shouldn’t be surprised that ignorance and hatred in the name of Christianity is still alive and well.  But, as our patron Saint Jerome said, “It is not the judgements of men which open or shut the gates of heaven.”  It was true in his day, and it is true in our own.

Hate may seem to have the upper hand, but we know that Love will ultimately conquer all.


Fr. Dewayne

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