Around the Parish, August 9, 2017

Sisters and brothers:

Last week I encouraged folks to be in worship for two big events: The Feast of the Transfiguration and the Dedication of the new Church Doors.  (The doors are beautiful aren’t they?!?)  The church doors were dedicated in memory of Michael Surbaugh, Elvira de Martinez, Carlene Sanchez and Mary Messenger.

This week we have three things to celebrate that hopefully will entice you to join us for worship:

First, this Sunday is our annual Tie-Dyed Sunday.  It is a fun time to come and show off your loudest, most outrageous tie-dyed outfit.  (Come on, you know you want to participate!)

Second, this Sunday is the Sunday before the Feast of St. Mary.  As has been our custom, we will honor St. Mary and her prominence to the Christian faith by saying together the Angelus – which are prayers based on the Angel’s greeting to Mary as recorded in scripture.  We’ll pray the Angelus together at the end of the worship service.

Third, we are planning to begin the process of painting the church ceiling.  As this is taking place we will also begin installing our new lights.  While this make take several weeks to accomplish, (please bear with us!) we would like to bless the new (antique) lights before they are installed.  We’ll bless these lights in the midst of the worship service.

As a side note, I’d like to highlight the “A Friend for A Friend” fundraiser event on Saturday night.  See below!

If these three things aren’t enough, what more might it take for you to get yourself to church?  These are exciting times!  Who says Summers are “ordinary?”


Fr. Dewayne

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