Around the Parish, December 21, 2017

Sisters and Brothers

I have a few reminders for you to hold firmly in mind as we approach Christmas.  First, please plan on joining us for our Advent 4, Advent Lessons and Carols service on Saturday evening at 6:00 pm.  That service includes Holy Communion and beautiful Advent hymns.

Second, our Christmas Eve festivities begins at 10:00 pm with a Hot Coco Bar (with adult additives available).  Our Midnight Christmas Eve Mass begins at 11:00 pm  Remember that they call it Christ-mass for a reason.  You can’t very well go around wishing folks a Merry Christmas if you don’t plan on attending mass!

Third, we need to make sure folks know that we will NOT have our regular Sunday morning mass this Sunday.  (We expect to see everyone on Sunday evening for our Midnight Mass.  For those who simply can’t make it to midnight mass, you might consider attending worship with Good Shepherd in Sapulpa or St. Matthews in Sand Springs.  (I am hoping to attend one of these as well as our own!)

Finally, please, please, please plan on bringing someone with you on Christmas Eve.  We hope to have a full house.

Merry Christmas, ya’ll!

Fr. Dewayne

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