Around the Parish, December 28, 2017

Sisters and Brothers

I just witnessed my neighbors taking down their Christmas lights (in the cold none-the-less)!  By many accounts, you’d think that Christmas was over – but its not!  Its only the 3rd day of Christmas.  We still have 9 more days of cheer and good will to celebrate!  In fact, in many cathedrals and “traditional” Anglo-catholic churches they will be offering mass each evening throughout the “octave” (8 days) of Christmas.

All this to remind ourselves that the religious observance that celebrates the Incarnation is much more important than the food and gift frenzy that falls on the 25th of December.  The mystery of God come down deserves more attention that that!  It deserves at least an octave of worship and a season (12 days of Christmastide) to honor it.

Because of the importance of observing the Incarnation, I’d like to urge you to do your best to continue the Christmas celebration and be with us in church this Sunday as we hear more about the Christ child and mark the Solemnity of Mary.  Let’s end the year on a good note!

Merry Christmas, ya’ll!

Fr. Dewayne

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