Around the Parish, February 15, 2018

Sisters and brothers,

Lent has begun.  It is a season of introspection, dedication, and sacrifice.  I realize that for most of us the season feels like a bummer – like a real drag.  Thus, some of us may be tempted to skip it, or at least try to do a “light”–some might even argue and “enlightened”– version of Lent.

We profess that we are “Resurrection” people, that we are Christians who live in hope.  But in order to be resurrection people, we also have to be people of the Cross, because one doesn’t get to resurrection without that.  Lent is not supposed to be a drag.  It is supposed to be about life.  That giving up stuff, that taking on disciplines – that is supposed to be about living even in the midst of dying.

Let’s make sure we approach Lent with the right frame of mind this year.  Let’s not make it just a season of self-loathing.  At the same time, let’s also not make it a season of self-lying.  We need Lent.  None of us are exempt.  None of us are without need for repentance, conversion and renewal.

So make this Lent count! Your spirit will thank you!


Fr. Dewayne

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