Sisters and Brothers

Perhaps you may notice that the Around the Parish has changed in its appearance this week. We’ve adapted (as recommended by Constant Contact) to a smart-phone friendly format. Hopefully, this will help those of us who read the ATP online!

Last week we had lots of excitement. First, we welcomed our Latino brothers and sisters and began using a bit of Spanish in our worship service. Our goal is to grow this segment of our community. We begin offering our missals in a bilingual format and throwing in a bit of Spanish so that our Latino friends can follow along. We printed even more of our bilingual missals for this Sunday. We encourage folks to start using them! As you are able, please follow along (and respond) in Spanish. Don’t worry that you may respond inappropriately. As Bishop Rafe encourages me: JUST DO IT! DO IT WITH GUSTO! We’ll get his down in time.

We also celebrated the marriage of Steven and KD. It was a beautiful service. I was blown away by the gift you offered them by providing food, cake and drinks for their reception. Very sweet of you all!

Lastly, we began Live-Streaming our worship service on Facebook. Some may not know exactly what that means, but it means that anyone who is a “friend” of St. Jerome is notified that we are broadcasting our worship live so that they can tune in. It also posts our service for later viewing. So folks who aren’t able to worship because they are ill, or because they work, will be able to stay connected. No more excuses – folks can now worship with us and maintain a connection to our family of faith if they want to.

Hopefully, all of these demonstrate our commitment to be a true place of welcome! It takes effort on multiple fronts – in multiple ways. Some of the results we get to witness first hand. Other results may be slower to bear fruit. The point is, that we keep trying and we keep working at it. God is in charge of the harvest. We’re just trying to prepare the soil and sow some seeds.


Fr. Dewayne

To read more: ATP 3.1.2018



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