Sisters and brothers:

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to have lunch with our very own Preston Smith.  In our conversation he said that he asked Bishop Rick once why nothing new has been added to the Bible over the centuries. “Why are there no more letters to the churches?” “Does God not have any more to say?” Bishop Rick wisely replied, that God continues to speak and that perhaps our own writings (such as these weekly emails!) might be considered epistles to the Church of St. Jerome as we struggle to understand where God is at work in our lives together.

If this is so, what might God have to say to us today?  What word of encouragement or word of correction might we need to hear?

This morning I was reading something I had written several years ago and in it I mused at how many Christians expect God to respond whenever we call and are disappointed when God doesn’t.  Yet, time and time again we forget that relationships are a two-way street.  Relationships have to be nurtured and tended on a regular basis.  We can’t do our own thing and then wonder why a relationship seems fragile or weak.  For instance, I shouldn’t be surprised if my relationship with Ray deteriorated if I only interacted with him on an infrequent basis, or if I only communicated with him when I needed something or if I did things that he didn’t like or somehow indicated our relationship wasn’t somehow important.  Of course our relationship would be strained!

I wonder if that is part of the reason why so many folks are disappointed when it comes to faith and religion.  They’ve pulled so far away that they’ve practically severed their relationship with God, and the church and then if crisis occurs they wonder why God or the church did swoop in and make things all better.

Sometimes we can get so busy pursuing outside interests that can create a sense of estrangement that is hard to overcome.  The problem is, we’re the ones who have drifted away and have caused the rift in the first place.

Perhaps, we all need a bit of a wake up call.  How’s your relationship with God and with this parish family.  It is as strong as it could be?

We regularly try to communicate with everyone.  Have you communicated in return?


Fr. Dewayne

P.S. This Sunday is Seersucker Sunday – bust out that seersucker!

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