Around the Parish, November 30, 2017

Sisters and Brothers

This Sunday we begin our new church year as we usher in the Season of Advent.  This is a time of preparation as we watch and wait in anticipation of Christ’s coming among us.  It is an important season, and I hope you will make an extra effort to be in worship with us.

And speaking of worship… as the new year began I set before us a challenge.  I asked that we all strive to make worship a priority so that by the end of the year we might average 75 folks in worship.  While attendance has been positive, we’re not quite where I hoped we might be.  Having 75 in worship should be easy to achieve if we were just a bit more regular in our worship habits.  Each week we have over 90 “regulars” on our sign-in sheet and we have well over 200 folks who are “members.” So let’s see if we can’t make it a bit closer to our goal by the year’s end!

Finally, speaking of members… Our Membership Classes being on Sunday at 2:15 pm.  All those interested in learning please consider joining us!


Fr. Dewayne

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