Sisters and brothers:

I need to highlight some things that are going on here at St. Jerome’s.  First, we have scheduled a Church Clean-up Day THIS Saturday from 9 until early afternoon.  The more folks that get involved, the quicker we’ll be done.  Everyone has things they could be doing on their Saturday.  So, I hope you’ll pitch in where you can to spiff up our beautiful space in a timely way so that we can all enjoy some weekend.

Second, this Sunday we’ll be offering Children’s Ed.  Theo has created a space downstairs in the Parish Hall for our kiddos and we’ve purchased some children’s resources.  Now all we need is for our kiddos to show up.  If you have children, or grandchildren or have friends who have children, please make sure they know we have something available for them!

Third, we have our upcoming Bazaar and Tour on October 14 & 15.  We not only need donations (and shoppers!) we also need folks to help staff the Bazaar.  That Sunday, we are also scheduled to be included in the Brady Heights Historic Tour.  So we will need “Storytellers” to tell our story and docents to guide people through.

Lastly, I just want to say that I am excited about our attendance lately.  THANK YOU!  I hope you will keep up the good work!  As you may recall, I challenged us to strive for having 75 folks in worship by the end of this year.  We’re not there yet, BUT, it is still a realistic goal that we could achieve if we tried.  It is not secret that we all feel an increase in joy, energy and enthusiasm when we have newcomers AND when our regulars are faithful in worship!


Fr. Dewayne

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