Around the Parish, September 28, 2017

Around the Parish, September 14, 2017
Bizarre Bazaar

Around the Parish, September 28, 2017

Sisters and brothers:

For many years it has been our tradition to honor St. Francis and celebrate the beauty of creation on the first Sunday of October. I hope you and your furry, scaled and winged friends might consider joining us for worship this Sunday. It is always a special, joyful, (and often noisy!) worship experience.  And it is one that many find very meaningful.

As you know Theo is serving here as our “seminarian.” When he first heard about our St. Francis Sunday he was surprised and perhaps even a bit taken aback.  “You let folks bring their pets to church?” he asked.  It is a strange concept to some.  But why not?  Does God not love all of creation?  Didn’t St. Francis preach to the animals?  Don’t we behold God’s glory in our four-legged companions?

Hope to see you (and your critter friends) on Sunday!


Fr. Dewayne

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