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Spanish Mass – Missa Una Santa Fe


Scout Pack in Formation

We’re forming a Cub Scout Pack and we now have both a facebook and website: Facebook Website:

St. Jerome Hosts Cub Scout Pack #226

We are pleased to announce that we will begin a Cub Scout Pack which will include several Dens.  We’ll be the ONLY inclusive Pack in the […]

Entering Children into the Catechumenate – Sunday, July 8, 2018


Around the Parish, July 5, 2018

Sisters and Brothers This Sunday, we’ll be enrolling some of our children as Catechumen and officially preparing them to receive the sacraments of Baptism (if not […]

Around the Parish, June 28, 2018

Sisters and Brothers Over the past few months, we have been working to make our community more welcoming by being more bilingual. The effort has not […]

Around the Parish, June 21, 2018

Sisters and Brothers No doubt, like me, you may have been hearing the news lately about immigrant children being separated from their parents and then housed […]

St. Jerome Hosts Scouts!

We’re putting together Scout Dens for girls and a mixed Pack.  Volunteers needed!