Dewayne James Messenger


Around the Parish, February 8, 2018

Sisters and brothers, First, I want to thank all of you for allowing Br. Ray and me to have some vacation time away!  What a blessing!  We […]

Around the Parish, February 1, 2018

Sisters and Brothers, I’m away on Vacation, however, there is still some good news to share. Auxiliary Bishop Ordination Update Excitement is mounting in the Mary […]

Around the Parish, January 25, 2018

Sisters and Brothers Perhaps you’ve noticed that, in the context of the Eucharist, we’ve begun including a prayer for Bishop Raphael, our Diocese and one of our sister […]

Around the Parish, January 18, 2018

Sisters and Brothers As you know, for the past two weeks, I have been completing another course for my Doctoral (DMin) program through Phillips Theological Seminary.  […]

Around the Parish, January 11, 2018

Sisters and Brothers As I announced on Sunday, I am still away from the office involved in my Doctoral studies.  If you have a pastoral emergency, […]

Join us for Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday! February 13, 2018


Around the Parish, January 4, 2017

Sisters and Brothers As I announced on Sunday, I am currently away from the office this week and next week so that I can continue my […]

Around the Parish, December 28, 2017

Sisters and Brothers I just witnessed my neighbors taking down their Christmas lights (in the cold none-the-less)!  By many accounts, you’d think that Christmas was over […]