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Around the Parish, December 12/14/2017

Sisters and Brothers Whew… I don’t know about you but the calendar is starting to get full!  But you know, I’m still very happy about being […]

Around the Parish, December 7, 2017

Sisters and Brothers It doesn’t take a whole lot of brains to know that Christmas is quickly approaching.  Holiday shopping is in full swing.  Last Sunday, […]

Around the Parish, November 22, 2017

Beloved family of St. Jerome: Brother Ray and I want to wish each of you a warm Thanksgiving greeting. May you enjoy the day with those […]

Around the Parish, November 16, 2017

Sisters and brothers: As a reminder, we have two important things happening on Sunday.  First, Sunday is the day your Vestry has scheduled as our “Ingathering” […]

Around the Parish, November 9, 2017

Sisters and brothers: Fall is here and the weather is turning cooler.  The trees have turned varying shades of gold and brown.  This is becoming my […]

Around the Parish, November 2, 2017

Sisters and brothers: Today is All Souls Day.  It is the “official” day when the Church remembers the “lesser” beloved ones of God.  Thus it includes […]

Around the Parish, October 26, 2017

Sisters and brothers: This year, Protestants have been celebrating the 500th year of the Reformation.  Luther is credited for beginning the process when he nailed his […]

Around the Parish, October 19, 2017

Sisters and brothers: I’ll be succinct this week! First, thanks to all those who volunteered and worked so hard on the Bazaar!  You are terrific! Second, be […]