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Around the Parish, April 5, 2017

Sisters and brothers, Palm and Passion Sunday is nearly here and with it we will be plunged headlong into Holy Week.  As the pastor, it is […]

Around the Parish, March 30, 2017

Sisters and brothers, Wow, where has Lent gone?  Is it just me, or does it seem like we are rushing through this season at break-neck speed? […]
Sisters and brothers, It was good to be with you in worship on Sunday.  It was exactly what I needed as I was preparing to depart […]
Around the Parish, March 16, 2017
Sisters and brothers, I want to express my gratitude for the support, care and understanding I have received during the past two weeks.  As you may […]

Around the Parish, March 9, 2017

Sisters and brothers, As you know, I have been in St. Louis this week attending the first Synod of the ECC Diocese of Mid-America. I look […]
Around the Parish, March 3, 2017
Sisters and brothers, Lent is here.  This is a season of the soul.  Consider the next 40+ days an extended “revival.”  Some of us remember those […]

Around the Parish, February 23, 2017

Sisters and brothers, One of the things always on my mind as pastor is the health of our parish.  How are we doing spiritually?  Are people […]

Around the Parish, February 16, 2017

Sisters and brothers, This week I’m going to keep my blog a bit short.  I hope you will make a special effort to be with us […]