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Bizarre Bazaar


Help us Decide About Christmas Eve!

We normally pull out all the stops for our Christmas Eve Midnight Mass.  This year, Advent 4 falls on the same day, Sunday, December 24th.  In […]

3 Parish Potluck, September 16, 2017

Embracing End of Life Decisions Now by Pastor Jenny Pratt Saturday, September 16 6 pm begins with a pot luck St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church 601 N […]

A Response to the Nashville Statement

While we might appreciate that our sisters and brothers in Christ have a right to voice their personally held beliefs and understanding regarding sex, sexuality, gender […]

Around the Parish, August 9, 2017

Sisters and brothers: Last week I encouraged folks to be in worship for two big events: The Feast of the Transfiguration and the Dedication of the […]

Gay by Design!

Could gay men and women be a design of nature for the benefit of the family and the species?  Dr. James O’Keefe thinks so and lays […]

Bobby Jo Valentine Concert, June 14th!


New Entry Doors Arrive!

While they are not yet installed, we are excited that our new entry doors have arrived.  Hopefully installation will begin soon.  In the meantime, come by […]