Our Ministries

Built upon the Parish’s belief that ALL people are whole in the sight of God, our ministries focus on the the spiritual, physical, emotional, and social aspects of our lives.

Almost 70% of the parish’s active members participate in one or more ministries of the church. The ministries of the Parish are as diverse as its members. Examples include: Feeding the Needy with our Groceries Food Pantry; and the Social Committee. Members of the Parish are also working with Brady Heights Neighborhood Association helping to improve the lives of persons living in Tulsa’s historic community.


Our Food Pantry is a small grocery store available to those with limited resources. Participants are referred to us by several local agencies. We are blessed to be able to provide this resource. But we are also blessed by the people that come thru our doors. Our hours of operation can be found under the “Our Parish” menu.


The word “liturgy” means of the people. Therefore, the participation of members in our regular worship service is very important. Lay Assistants serve as Lectors (reading the Scriptures); Crucifers (carrying the Cross); Ushers; Oblationers (presenting the Gifts of God for the People of God); SubDeacons (assisting the Deacon in the preparation of the altar and at times, serving the chalice); and Altar Guild members (preparing the Sanctuary for the service).


Whether you sing, play ancient rhythmic percussion instruments or have another musical talent, the Parish’s music ministry has just the place for you.


The Parish is governed by, what we call a “Vestry”. Similar to a Board of Directors, the Vestry directs and manages all aspects of the Parish, and along with the clergy, participate in our spiritual direction. As elected representatives of the membership, the Vestry members serve as the voice of the Parish. At the Parish Church of St. Jerome, there is a leadership position for everyone. From Finance to Building and Grounds Committees, its easy for you to be a part of our exciting community.


Even though we are a small parish, our parishioners stay busy and are involved with many different worthwhile community organizations.  If you are interested in more information about an organization, or want to get involved, please “click” the organization below: