The Parish Church of St. Jerome is a member of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion.
eccWe are People of God and members of the ecclesial body herein to be referred to as the Ecumenical Catholic Communion or ECC or Communion. We recall the words of the second century church father, St. Ignatius of Antioch, when referring to the Church: we are a communion of communities. We are men and women, baptized in Christ. We are laity and ordained. We join together at the messianic call of the Spirit to form the household of faith; to preach the Gospel of liberation and justice for the poor, the outcast, the sick, the disabled, the old, the young, and the imprisoned; to offer a refuge in Christ for those who suffer prejudice because of race, color, culture, philosophy, gender, sexual orientation or educational deprivation; to conform our lives to the life and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ through prayer and study, service, and the celebration of the liturgy and the sacraments. We profess our faith in Christ in the living Catholic Tradition handed to us from the Apostles through many generations. And we stand open to a dialogue with those of other religious identities and faith traditions.

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